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The Omnipotence Machines

Tiny, ubiquitous sensors will allow us to index the physical world the way the Web maps cyberspace

By Gregory Mone

The No-Money-Down Solar Plan

A new wave of start-ups wants to install rooftop solar panels on your house. Upfront cost: nothing

By Christopher Mims

The Do-Anything Robot

Your PC can accomplish any computing task you ask of it. Why isn't the same true for robots?

By Gregory Mone

Pocket Translator

The military, short on linguists, is building smart phone–based devices to do the job

By Gregory Mone

Ocean Overhaul

Marine zoning is a bold remedy for sick seas

By Sarah Simpson

The Double Life of ATP in Humans

The molecule ATP, famous as an essential energy source inside cells, also carries critical messages between cells. That dual role is suggesting fresh ideas for fighting human diseases

By Baljit S. Khakh and Geoffrey Burnstock

Portrait of a Black Hole

By adapting a global network of telescopes, astronomers will soon get their first look ever at the dark silhouette of a black hole

By Avery E. Broderick and Abraham Loeb


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