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Uncanny Sight in the Blind

Some people who are blind because of brain damage have "blindsight": an extraordinary ability to react to emotions on faces and even navigate around obstacles without knowing they can see anything...

By Beatrice de Gelder

Arctic Plants Feel the Heat

Global warming is dramatically revamping not only the ice but also tundra and forests at the top of the world, greening some parts and browning others. The alterations could exacerbate climate change...

By Matthew Sturm

A Better Lens on Disease

Computerized pathology slides may help doctors make faster and more accurate diagnoses

By Mike May

Breeding Cassava to Feed the Poor

The world's third-largest source of calories has the potential to become a more productive and more nutritious crop, alleviating malnutrition in much of the developing world

By Nagib Nassar and Rodomiro Ortiz


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