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Did Neandertals Think Like Us?

João Zilhão defends his controversial view that our oft-maligned relatives shared our cognitive abilities


Earth's Missing Ingredient

The discovery of a novel high-density mineral means that Earth's mantle is a more restless place than scientists suspected—and offers new clues to the planet's history

By Kei Hirose

Washing Carbon Out of the Air

Machines could absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, slowing or even reversing its rise and reducing global warming

By Klaus S. Lackner

Is Time an Illusion?

The concepts of time and change may emerge from a universe that, at root, is utterly static

By Craig Callender

Cloning of a Human

The process is extremely difficult, but it also seems inevitable

By Charles Q. Choi

Extra Dimensions

The world's biggest particle collider might uncover new slices of space

By George Musser

Fusion Energy

It would solve environmental headaches, but it remains hard to achieve

By Michael Moyer


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June 2010

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