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The Science of the Next 150 Years

Scientific American asked leading scientists and science writers to look forward to what the world will be like in the years 2063, 2113 and 2163, and tell us what role science and technology will play in our future...


Will High Tech Cool a Hot Earth?

Solar engineering and other exceptionally ambitious new technologies to deal with the reality of rising global temperatures come riddled with uncertainties. To illustrate how complex the problem is and what kind of challenges lie ahead, here are three contrasting, and somewhat fantastical, scenarios...

By David W. Keith and Andy Parker

Computing in 2165

What today's prophets of technology say about the day after tomorrow

By Ed Regis

String Theory Helps to Explain Quantum Phases of Matter

Newly discovered states of matter embody what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” They defy explanation, but lately answers have come from a seemingly unrelated corner of physics: string theory...

By Subir Sachdev


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