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Giant Bubbles Tower over the Milky Way

Newly discovered lobes stretch tens of thousands of light-years above and below the Milky Way's disk. Where they come from remains a mystery

By Douglas Finkbeiner, Meng Su and Dmitry Malyshev
Special Report


Biology: Three Known Unknowns

Even as cancer therapies improve, basic questions about drug resistance, tumour spread and the role of normal tissue remain unanswered

By Katherine Bourzac

Therapy: This Time It's Personal

Tailoring cancer treatment to individual and evolving tumours is the way of the future, but scientists are still hashing out the details

By Lauren Gravitz

Cancer: The March on Malignancy

New research into how and why tumors form, grow and spread is producing better screening tests and more effective remedies with fewer side effects

By Herb Brody


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