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Whispers from Creation

The recent discovery of gravitational waves emerging from the big bang may point a way forward

By Niayesh Afshordi, Robert B. Mann and Razieh Pourhasan

The Case for Inheritance of Epigenetic Changes in Chromosomes

Harmful chemicals, stress and other influences can permanently alter which genes are turned on without changing any of the genes' code. Now, it appears, some of these “epigenetic” changes are passed down to—and may cause disease in— future generations...

By Michael K. Skinner

How to Fix the NSA

A three-step plan for using data right in an age of government overreach

By Alex "Sandy" Pentland

Stop Lecturing Me

At the college level, the evidence is clear: science students learn less when they are expected to listen passively

By Carl Wieman

Is Earth's Life Unique in the Universe?

To know whether life exists beyond Earth, we must come to terms with our own significance in the universe. Are we uniquely special or merely mediocre?

By Caleb Scharf


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