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The New Biography of the Sun

Our closest star has a much more exciting biography than scientists once assumed. New research illuminates the sun's past and potential future

By Rebecca Boyle

The Science of Endometriosis

Endometriosis spreads like a vine through the bodies of roughly 176 million women worldwide, causing agony and infertility. Science has struggled to understand the condition, but new research is sparking hope for improved treatments soon...

By Jena Pincott
Special Report

Innovations In

What Is Spacetime?

Physicists believe that at the tiniest scales, space emerges from quanta. What might these building blocks look like?

By George Musser

What Is Dark Matter?

An elusive substance that permeates the universe exerts many detectable gravitational influences yet eludes direct detection

By Lisa Randall

How Did Life Begin?

Untangling the origins of organisms will require experiments at the tiniest scales and observations at the vastest

By Jack Szostak

How Much Can We Know?

The reach of the scientific method is constrained by the limitations of our tools and the intrinsic impenetrability of some of nature's deepest questions

By Marcelo Gleiser


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