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Dinosaur Bones Show They Grew Quickly

Lines and other structures in dinosaur bones reveal how these animals grew and how long they lived

By John R. Horner, Kevin Padian and Armand de Ricql*amp*egrave;s

Fieldwork: Tiny Bones to Pick

Paleontologists brave wildfires, parasites and scorching temperatures in search of ancient mammal fossils

By Kate Wong

T. Rex Had a Social Life

By analyzing previously overlooked fossils and by taking a second look at some old finds, paleontologists are providing the first glimpses of the actual behavior of the tyrannosaurs

By Gregory M. Erickson

Dinosaur Eggs Found in Gobi Desert

Mongolia's Gobi Desert contains one of the richest assemblages of dinosaur remains ever found. Paleontologists are uncovering much of the region's history

By Michael J. Novacek, Mark Norell, Malcolm C. McKenna and James Clark

Dinosaur Herd Died in a Mud Trap

On a trip to the Gobi Desert, a team of fossil hunters unearths a death scene that reveals new clues about how dinosaurs lived

By Paul C. Sereno


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