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The Science of Genius

Outstanding creativity in all domains may stem from shared attributes and a common process of discovery

By Dean Keith Simonton

When High IQs Hang Out

“Genius” societies offer a social network for the top tier of test takers

By Lena Groeger

Creativity Is Collective

Personal experiences and character traits alone may not be enough to produce a prodigy. It takes a village

By S. Alexander Haslam, Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno and Tom Postmes

Fit Body, Fit Mind?

How can you stay sharp into old age? It is not just a matter of winning the genetic lottery. What you do can make a difference

By Christopher Hertzog, Arthur F. Kramer, Robert S. Wilson and Ulman Lindenberger

What Works, What Doesn't

Some study techniques accelerate learning, whereas others are just a waste of time—but which ones are which? An unprecedented review maps out the best pathways to follow

By John Dunlosky, Katherine A. Rawson, Elizabeth J. Marsh, Mitchell J. Nathan and Daniel T. Willingham

Accidental Genius

A blow to the head can sometimes unmask hidden artistic or intellectual gifts. Might we all have hidden capacities that could be unleashed without brain injury?

By Darold A. Treffert

Nurturing the Young Genius

Renewing our commitment to gifted and talented education is the key to a more innovative, productive and culturally rich society

By Rena F. Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius and Frank C. Worrell

5 Common Myths about the Brain

Some widely held ideas about the way children learn can lead educators and parents to adopt faulty teaching principles

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

HINT: Don't tell your kids that they are. More than three decades of research shows that a focus on “process”—not on intelligence or ability—is key to success in school and in life...

By Carol S. Dweck

Calisthenics for a Child's Mind

Scientists have concocted mental fitness regimens to strengthen weak thinking skills in students—in effect, making kids smarter

By Ingrid Wickelgren

Turbocharging the Brain

Will a pill at breakfast improve concentration and memory—and will it do so without long-term detriment to your health?

By Gary Stix

Where are All the Female Geniuses?

Women tend to choose work-life balance rather than the pursuit of eminence—although the choice is not entirely freely made

By Sandra Upson and Lauren F. Friedman


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