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The British Postal Telegraph

The Causes of Knocking in High-Pressure Engines

By Joshua Rose

Apparatus for Thawing Frozen Water-Pipes

By T. J. Sloan

Improvement in Car-Wheels

By W. H. Paige

New Gas-Machine Retort

By T. Van Kannel and Towsley Cincinnati

Improved Water-Meter

By B. Huber

Improved Screw-Propeller

By J. E. Wilson Brazoria

Amateur Wood-Workers

The New-Zealand Telegraph

Printing Ornamental Borders, Etc., to Carbon Pictures

By E. W. Foxlee

Novel Fare-Register

By A. F. Johnson

Manufacture of Water-Traps

By Geo. W. Wicks

Iowa County' Meteorite

Eugene Schneider

The Climate of the Glacial Epoch

Publishers' Card


Artificial Fuel

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Estimate of the Solar Energy

Buildings for the British Commission

Note on the Meteoric Iron of Dickson County

The International Exhibition of 1876

The Girard Avenue Bridge

New Steam Street-Car

Variation in Muscular Strength

Refracting Telescopes

Ice Sailing Boats, their Construction and Management

New Telegraphic Lightning-Protector

The Quadruplex Telegraph

The Legal Liabilities of Telegraph Operators

Telegraphic Litigation

Opening of a New Railway Line between New-York and Canada

Meetings of Societies

Entomological Society London, November, 1875

On the Laws of Exchange of Ammonia between the Sea, the Atmosphere, and the Continents

Note on a Material Serving for the Falsification of Guano

By M. F. Jean

Compressed Air Locomotive at the St. Gothard Tunnel

Constructed By Mm. Schneider&Co.,Engineers,Creusot Compressed Air Locomotive


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    January 01, 1876

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