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Electricity as an Executioner

On the Causes of Knocking in High Pressure Engines

By Joshua Rose

The Royal Albert Bridge

International Rowing Regatta

Circular Issued by Regatta Commission

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

Theories of the Tides

The Machinery Hall of the International Exhibition

The Art Gallery

Official Inspection of the Exhibition Buildings and Grounds

Incrustation on an Old Flue

By J. W. Chalmers Harvey

The Royal Society

New form of Magnet

Compressed-Air Locomotive

Compressed-Air Locomotive

Hyposulphite of Soda

Elliptical Gearing

By C. W. MacCord


Action of Borax on Fermentation and Putrefaction

Agricultural Experiments

On the Formation of Hail

By M. Faye

Physiological Action of Vanadium

By John Priestley

The Public Health

Moetality Per 1000 Inhabitants, Annually, From All Causes and Certain special causes

On the Sinking of a Pair of Iron Shafts for an Experimental Amber Mine

New Instrument for Regulating Temperatures

By A. Campbell



Pneumatic Steering Apparatus

By G. W. Baird and J. C. Lewis

English Agricultural Returns

Feeding Farm-Horses

Separation of Tin from Antimony and Arsenic


Foul Feeding of Swine

A Mandate against Seals and Sea Lions

The Girard-Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia

Designed and Constructed by Messrs Clarke, Reeves &Co.,Phcenixville Bridge Works,Philadelphia

Improvements in the Manufacture of Illuminating Gas from Petroleum

By T. S. C. Lowe

Proceedings of Societies

Chemical Society London, November


Movements and Habits of climbing plants


The Pneumatic Apparatus of London

Relics of Strange Peoples

The Electro-Magnet

Sir John Lubbock on Ants

The Healing Element in Arnica

The Digestive Movement in Plants


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