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Mechanical Ventilation of Mines

On the Causes of Heating and Cutting or Abrading in Brasses and Bearings

By Joshua Rose

The Presence of Dextrine in the Urine

Alum in Wyoming Territory

Improved Reed-Making Machine


Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

New Steamer between New-York and the Brazils

Russian Pharmaceutical Statistics

German Ironclads Coming

Fatal Explosion in a Chemical Manufactory

The Westminster Clock

Proceedings of Societies

Chemical Society. London, December, 1875

Exhibition Notes.—Foreign

How the Centennial Year finds the Work of Preparation

Chimney Straightening

Alizarin from Anthracen-Sulpho-Acid

By G. Auerbach

Improvements in the Packing of Raw Cotton

The International Exhibition of 1876

The Cunard Fleet

The Sewerage of Brighton

On the Action of Sulphocyanides on Palladium Chloride and Nitrate

By Sergius Kern


Cellars and Diphtheria, Topographical Observations of Twenty Residence Sites, Impartially Selected, in Which Diphtheria has Occurred, in the City of Des Moines, During the Summerof 1875

By A. G. Field

Galvanic Deposition of Bismuth

Intelligence of Animals

New Steam Canal Tug

Gas-Testing in Edinburgh

Magnetism of Steel

As Influenced by Its Carbon and Its Hardness

Amateur Wood-Workers

The Theory of “Stream Lines” in Relation to the Resistance of Ships

A Wooden Norwegian Church

Deep Shafts and Mines

Experiments on Electrostatic Induction

By M. Govi

A Novel Iron Church-Roof

Bacteria as a Cause of Disease

By S. H. Potter

A Simple Method of Comparing the Hardness of Different Kinds of Steel Electro-Magnetically

By M. V. Waltenhofen

Fish at the Centennial

On the Substitution of Liquid, Vaporized and Gaseous Hydrocarbons F Orsolid Fuel in Blast-Furnaces

By Charles Plagge

Nickelizing Lightning-Conductors

Screw Trials

The Challenger at Humboldt Bay

New Self-Registering Tidal and River-Water Indicators

The Great Globes of the French National Library


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