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The Girard-Avenue Bridge


By John Nicol

Notes of Atlantic Avenue (Brooklyn) Steam Street-Car, 1 P.M. Trip, January 1, 1876

Sweden at the Exhibition

How the Multitude will be Lodged and Fed

Exhibition Notes—Domestic

Amateur Wood-Workers

Proceedings of Societies

Society of Engineers. London, December, 1875

The Urinology of General Paralysis

Incautious use of Drugs


Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

The Chemistry of Agriculture

How to make Farming Pay

French Academy of Sciences

The 81-Ton Gun

New form of Tube for Observing the Spectra of Solutions

New Pumping-Engines

The Tea-Tree

The New Portage Viaduct

The Agricultural Building of the International Exhibition

Progressive Muscular Atrophy

Apparatus for Destroying Potato-Beetles

Reversible Steam-Boiler

By S. S. Vail


New Apparatus for Preserving Beer

By Louis Weinmar

Lubricator Alarm-Signal

Treatment of Cerebral Rheumatism by Chloral

Microscopical Notes

Iron and Steel by the Knowles Process

How Long may the Efficacy of Vaccination be Relied on?

Embryogeny of the Flea

Charles Blacker Vignoles, F.R.S

The Theory of “Stream Lines” in Relation to the Resistance of Ships

To the Memory of a Remarkable Scientist

Screw-Propellers, Their Shafts and Fittings

By Hamilton W. Pendred

Human Hands

The Flax Trade in Russia

The Smithfield Club

A Prehistoric Drawing


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    January 22, 1876

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism