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Secondary Batteries of M. Plante

By A. Niaudet-Breguet

The Society of Telegraph Engineers

The Origin of our Numerals

A New Pilgrim's Progress

Mile-Stones in his Journey from 1620 to the present New Year

Railroads of the United States, January 1, 1876

New-York, New-Haven and Hartford Railroad Shops, at New-Haven

Safety Tuyere

Farm Weeds

The Buttercup

French Street Tramways

The International Exhibition of 1876-Elevation of the Machinery Building

Centennial Depot

The Leather Exhibition Building

Centenarians in New-York

Centennial Building for the Display of Carriages

Proceedings of Societies

American Geographical Society, New-York

The Exhibition of Fish at the Centennial

Injunctions to Railroad Employees

Injurious Occupations

A Large Bridge Completed

The Shah

The German and American Naval Forces Compared


Fairlie Locomotives for New-Zealand

The New Metal, Gallium

Military Rifles

Bellevue Hospital

Chronic Bright's Disease

Fishing with Powder

Pneumatic Telegraphy


Moncrieff Gun-Carriages

Putrefaction of Eggs

Art Works in Bronze

By Frederic Vors

Phenomena of Induction

By Edwin J. Houston

The Dislocation of the Heavens

The Wear of Metal Surfaces

By Joshua Rose

The Theory of “Stream Lines” in Relation to the Resistance of Ships

Long-Range Rifle-Shooting

Amateur Wood-Workers

Electro-Mechanical Duplex Telegraph


Willan's Three-Cylinder Engine

Constructed by Messrs. Tangye, England



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