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The Theory of “Stream Lines” in Relation to the Resistance of Ships

Artificial Milk

The Ohio Centennial Building

Prospects of the Department of Education

International Congresses at the Centennial

Exhibition notes

Egypt at the Exhibition

Locomotive for the Western Railway of France

Examples of the Crystallization of Wrought-Iron

By Joshua Rose

Novel Speed-Indicator

By Charles E. Moss

New Traction-Engine

Wear of Wire Rope

Proceedings of Societies

American Social Science Association

Hydraulic Locomotive

The Questionable Value of Hypodermic Solutions


On the use of Tin and Gold Combined

By J. Paetsch

On the Chemistry of the Urine

Iron Lighthouse

Cornish Pumping Engines

Condensed Beer

Coal-Mines in Russia Developed by American Locomotives

Chalcophanite: A New Mineral Species

American Chapel, Rome

A New Method of Imparting Artistic Finish to Photographs

By E. Dunmore

Wreck of the Baltimore Air-Ship

Use of Paper

The Wood of Noah's Ark

“Brain and intellect”

Bicheroux's Gas-Furnace

Improvement in Chain-Belts

By H. Bushnell

New Steam-Engine Frame

By W. S. Finney

Messrs. Hadley Brothers' Mitre-Cut Nail Works, Birmingham, Eng

Improvement in Speed-Indicators

By M. A. Wier

Improvement in Rolling Mills

By J. Jepson

Improvement in Propelling Canal-Boats

By A. Bugbee

The Oxyhydrogen Light

The Kerosene of New South Wales

The Greatest waste in the World

House Plants

Rapid Mode of Detecting the Adulteration of Butter with other Fats

By J. W. Gatehouse

On Silicate of Soda in Textile industry

Application in Wool-Scouring

New-York Academy of Science

On the Transmission of Musical Tones Telegraphically

By Elisha Gray

The Retail Price of Bituminous Coal in New-York

History of the Suez Canal

Amateur Wood-Workers

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord


By J. Ives Pease

The Railway-Bridges in London

Trial of a Flying-Machine

The “Chapman” Life and Surf Boat


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    February 05, 1876

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