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A Bucket of Water Explodes

Sea Telegraphy

By W. H. Bailey

On Epsom Salts

Centennial Building Notes

The Profit of International Exhibitions

International Coinage

Fish at the Centennial

Exhibition Notes

Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Tying the Carotid for Facial Neuralgia

The Centennial Appropriation

Propagation of Disease by Birds

French Academy of Sciences.—December

Diamond Rock-Drill

Diamond Mill-Stone Cutters

A Solid Gas-Flame

South-Eastern Railway Co.'s Locomotives

Arsenical Poisoning

Apparatus for Producing a Blast or Vacuum in Laboratories

Welt and Counter-Skiving Machine

By S. D. Tripp

Running Railways by Telegraph

New Sand and Gravel Driers

By S. S. Daish

New Geographical Globe

By N. N. Browne

Improvement in Eye-Pieces for Telescopes

By J. W. Nystrom

The Goat and its Commercial Products

Etching Glass with Hydrofluoric Acid

The Graphic Method of Teaching

By B. Waterhouse Hawkins

Hydraulic Machinery at St. Gothard Tunnel

Recollections of Improvements which have. Been made in the Steam-Engine during the Last Half Century

By John Bourne

The Marble Quarries of Paros

“Drunk or Dying”

Tone of Elastic Bars Saturated with Liquids

Telegraphing by the Auroral Current

Practical Dyeing Recipes

Low Temperatures by Carre's Freezing Apparatus

Boiling of Sulphuric Acid

A New Croton Aqueduct Proposed

Ventilation of Cleveland Iron Mines

The Oil-Wells of Baku

The Fires of 1875

The Cedar Mines of New-Jersey

Statistics of Whaling

Manufacture of Coke

Diamond Stone-Dressers

Curious Brain Wounds

Action of Electrolytic Oxygen on Glycerin

By A. Renard

Steam-Power from Sun Heat

Sewerage at Boston, Mass

On the Electrolysis of Substances of the Aromatic Series

By M. Gopplesr*amp*oelig;der

Cornwall Iron Hills

Amateur Wood-Workers

Beautiful Household Ornaments

By Geo. M. Hopkins

The Physiology of Fatigue

American Beef in England

Tinning of Iron Tacks

The Spiritualists Outdone

The Fruit Products of Southern California

The English Channel Passage

The Coal Trade

Proposed Conversion of Manchester into a Seaport

Military Idlers

Ice Prospects

Reports from along the Hudson—Ice Statistics

An Infant Revolver

Practical Cremation

Potato-Growing Extraordinary

Musical Spider

Large Pears

Injurious Effects of Snow on Steel Rails

How to Handle Snakes

Colorado Soda

Coloring Matters of Glass

Determination of Mixed Oils

Practical Hints on Mill-Building

By R. James Abernathy

The Directions and Velocity of Winds


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    February 12, 1876

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