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Buildings of the Centennial Exhibition

Exhibition Notes

Brazil at the Exhibition

A. British View of the Exhibition

What New-York Will Show

Constitution of the Phosphates

By M. M. Berthelot and Louguinine


Laboratory Notes

Sergius Kern, St. Petersburg

Extraction of Sulphur

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing


By C. W. MacCord

Amateur Wood-Workers

New Sphygmograph, an Instrument Adapted as a Sphygmograph, Sphygmometer, Cardiograph, Cardiometer, and to other Uses

By A. T. Keyt

Proceedings of Societies

Entomological Society, London, January 5

Tee Snow-Ploughs of the Central Pacific Railroad

The Royal Society

Honor To Dr. Hofmann

The French Academy Award of Prizes

The Drainage of Lake Fucino

The Inflexible and her Armament

By A. Hilliard Atteridge

Modern uses of the Goose-Quill

A Mechanical Deer

Raising the Vanguard

Hot-Blast Pig for Refined Iron

Cement for Fastening Caoutchouc on Metal

Using the Raw Material to the Utmost

The English Channel Tunnel

Resistance of Slag Bricks to Crushing Strains

Coal-Dust and Petroleum Furnace

By J. K. Caldwell

Swinging Ship's Berth

By E. P. S. Andrews

Registering Thermometer

New Photometer

By P. Munzinger

Improvement in Metallic Arched Truss- Bridges

By James B. Eads

Improvement in Hydrocarbon Furnaces

By J. C. Ramsden

Drying Tobacco and other Substances

By D. B. Chapin

The Theory of “Stream Lines” in Relation to the Resistance of Ships

Telegraph Stations in Mid-Ocean

Chinese Acrobats

Edinburgh Tricycle

Hay-Ricking Apparatus

By J. R. Hill

Velocipede Sled

By J. M. Story

A Fast Velocipede

Aquatic Velocipede



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    February 19, 1876

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism