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A New Electric Machine

Novel Fruit Preserving-Jars

By T. J. Price

New Sesquioxide of Iron and Chlorhydrate of Ammonia Battery

Improvement in the Manufacture of Antique Colored Glass

By J. Baker

Electricity for Annealing Metals

By J. H. Warrington

Amateur Wood-Workers

Boreas Visits the Exhibition Grounds

Sunday at the Centennial

General View of the Situation

English Porcelain for Philadelphia

Exhibition Notes

The “Dynagraph.”

Great Britain at the Exhibition

Indiana State Building at the Centennial

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

Lesson V.

By C. W. MacCord

Bleaching of Wool

The Boomerang in Africa

Indigo Substitute


Cleaning Wool

Chemical Retting of Flax, Hemp, Etc.

By MM. Ceylits-Latour, Kinder and Houpiart-Dupre

The useful Applications of Chemistry

Substitute for Catechu in Silk Dressing

Salycilic Acid

New Cellulose

By MM. Magner and Kunemann

Naphthaline in Dyeing

Methylaniline Purple upon Cloth

Imitation Leather

Hai-Thao for Dressing Cotton Tissues

Giving Silk Brilliancy and Softness

Disacidifying of Wool, Etc.

By M. Svitaine

Pumping Machinery at the Ferrara Marshes, Northern Italy

Unhealthy Trades

By B. W. Richardson

French Tour of the World

Steel in Construction

American Oysters in England

The Reduction of Iron Ores

New Process for Iron and Steel

By E. A. and J. A. Jones

Lodges and Cottages

Defences of London

A Saxon Lady's Grave

Steam in Petroleum-Wells

By W. L. Hardison

Roll-Welding in the Manufacture of Steel- Edged Iron Cutters

By L. Hardy

Improvement in Engine for Twin Screw- Propellers

By G. B. Whiting

British Registration of Trade-Marks

Union Pacific Railroad

The Polar Bear

The London and Northwestern Railway Company of England

Safety Device for Cars

By L. O. Root

New Railroad in Connecticut

Dr. John C. Cresson, Civil Engineer

Insects in Amber

Proceedings of Societies

Physical Society. London, January 15, 1876

Nationality and Disease

Apparatus for the Estimation of Tannic Acid

By William Thomson


The Sun

The Transit of Venus


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    February 26, 1876

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