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La Cour's “Musical” Telegraph

The Present Method of Telegraphing through Ocean Cables

A New Color Thermoscope

(Translated from Mittheilungen Über Gegens Ünde des Artilerie und Genie-Wesens)

Eleventh Annual Meeting of the American Social Science Association

School Hygiene—Paper

By D. F. Lincoln

Prunes as Cheap Food

Washed and Unwashed Emulsions

Aniline-Black, with Reference to the Memoir of M. Coquillion

By M. A. Rosenstiehl

Action of Ozone upon Animal Matter

By M. A. Boillot


Royal Society. London, January 6

Photographic Hall

The Pennsylvania State Buildings

Novel Brick-Laying Machine

By C. Franke

The Thompson Infernal-Machine

Apparatus for Climbing Tall Chimneys

The Glow-Worm

Tool-Grinding Machine

By M. L. Mowrer

The Allotment of Space in Memorial Hall

Horticulture at the Fair

Hydraulic Features of the Exhibition

Centennial Concessions

Coral Reefs and Islands

Exhibition Notes

Tunis at the Exhibition

Victoria Bridge, Brisbane

Unhealthy Trades

By B. W. Richardson

Horticultural Frauds

The New Observatory at Vienna


New Plants from the Nicobar and Andaman Islands

Giving Medicines to the Mother for the Suckling Infant

Novel Base-Ball Base

By J. C. O*amp*apos; Neill

Improvement in Thermometers

By G. W. Schumacher

Passenger Elevator for Dwellings

By G. R. Potter

Artificial Pearls

Imitation of Inlaid Woods

By Spurr and Prang

Improved Universal Lathe

The Alteration in the Form of Machine Work during its Manipulation

By Joshua Rose

Fire-Proof Construction

By N. H. Hutton

An Innovation in Roof Construction

Homes in American Cities

Mirage in North-Carolina

Cameron's Journey across Africa

The Termites or White Ants of Africa

African Discovery Boats and Rafts

Exploration in South America

Amateur Wood-Workers

New Process of Treating Wood

By M. Robling


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