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Amateur Wood-Workers

Great Sea Serpent

The Limits of Microscopic Power

Fish Culture

By Greville Fennell

Japanese Work at the Centennial Grounds

Centennial Jury Work


The Origin of the Primary Rocks

Proceedings of Societies

Royal Institution. London, January 28

By Huxley

New-York Medical Journal Association.—February 4, 1876

Recent Discoveries in the Physiology and Pathology of the Brain

By E. G. Loring

Exhibition Notes

The Shoe and Leather Building

The Centennial Newspaper Exhibition

Chrono-Thermometer for Testing Mineral Oils

By B. Redwood

Suggestion for a Motion-Timer

By J. W. See

Ageing of Distilled Spirits

By S. Sweet

New Bellows Steam-Engine

By T. F. Reilley

To Refit Leaky Plugs to their Cocks

By Joshua Rose

Imparting Resonance to Metallic Alloys

By B. Silliman

Improvement in Rotary Pumps

By W. O. Crocker


Census of New-York State

Fast-Walking Horses

Our Present Population

What the State Enumerations of 1875 Show


Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

The Ear

Electricity in Ear Diagnosis

On the perception of the Human Voice

A Strange Sickness in Ore-Mills

Tests of the Hearing by means of Koenig's Rods

Alterations of the Brain in Typhoid and Typhus Fevers


Preservation of the Dead

Natural History

Arctic Fox


Dubois and Francois' Rock-Boring Machinery at the St. Gothard Tunnel

The St. Gothard Tunnel

By D. K. Clark

Marine Propulsion

New Combination of Propellers for War Ships

A Model Patent-Office

Condensed Beer

By Bartlett

New Hoisting Apparatus

By L. T. Pyott

Process for Levelling Land

By T. R. Lowe

The Khaliauts of India

Steam Life-Boat

Improvement in Base-Balls

By S. Hipkiss

The Steam-Yacht Argo


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