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How to Set a Slide-Valve

Relation of Sewer Grades to Zymotic Diseases

By Geo. W. Rafter

Water-Traps and Soil-Pipes

French Confections

Culture of the Artichoke

Popped Corn

Fancy Middlings Flour

On the Value of Food

American Grapevines in Germany

Process of Ripening of Grapes

By C. Neubauer

Improved Steering Apparatus

New Pumping Machinery

A Week's Work

Explosive Railway- Signal

Improvement in the Manufacture of Gas

By G. Olney

Blast-Furnace Charging Apparatus

Improved Furnaces for Tempering Steel

By J. B. Armstrong

Awards at the Centennial

By Richard H. Buel

Out-Door Art

Proceedings of Societies

Musical Association London, February 7

Science notes


Amateur Wood-Workers

Japanese Iron


The Proposed Royal Albert Bridge

The Dal Bridge, Sweden

Chemical Products at the Vienna Exhibition

Dyeing Recipes

From Riemann

Manufacture of Cream of Tartar

By J. W. Haas

Miscellaneous Chemical notes

By S. Dana Hayes

On the Detection and Determination of Nitrous Acid in Natural Waters and other very Dilute Solutions of the Same

By P. C. Plugge

On the Specific Heat of Mercury-Vapor

By A. Kundt and E. Warburg

Practical Dyeing Recipes

Shale Oil in Scotland

Chemical Notes

By J. M. Merrick

Dogwood for Gunpowder Manufacture

Glucose for Tanning

Aniline Black

By M. Antony Guyard

Concerning the Flame Theory

By Karl Heumann

Pocket Blowpipe

By P. Casamajor

The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

Instrument for Marking Astronomical Time

By E. K. Horn

Theories of the Radiometer

Thomson's Apparatus for Working Submarine Cables



Cobalt Electroplating

By I. Adams

The Difference of thermal Energy Transmitted to the Earth by Radiation from Different Parts of the Solar Surface

The Octagon Barn

Culture under Glass made Easy

Preserving Meat

By A. Herzen


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