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Trial of Makaroff Mats

Small Steam Yachts

The Azores Breakwater

A Model Assay-Office

The Embankments of the Mississippi River

To the Editor of the Scientific American

Alluvial Basin of the Mississippi River

To the Editor of the scientific American

Three-Wheeled Clock

New Specific-Gravity Scales

By R. Parish

Improvement in Camera-Obscuras

By T. A. Kellett

French Construction

Amateur Wood-Workers

A New Hygrometer

Exhibition Notes

Steam Generators, Etc., at the Centennial

New Color

Proceedings of Societies

Chemical Society, London, February 3, 1876

The Royal Aquarium, Westminster

Fish Culture in Massachusetts

Natural History

The Indian Rainbow-Fish

Liquid Glue

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Action of Light on Selenium

The Illuminating Power of Gas

Gold-Washing at Yesso, Japan

Cotto Cylinders

Sulphur as a Mordant

Rosolic Acid

Pencils of Nitrate of Zinc

New Maximum and Minimum Thermometer


The Viti or Fiji Islands

Improved Artificial Horizon

Indian Skin-Scrapers

The Amazon and its Antiquities


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    April 01, 1876

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