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Surface-Plates, or Planometers, and Scraped Surfaces

By Joshua Rose

A New Street in London

Natural Euthanasia

By B. W. Richardson

A New Alloy

Awards at the Centennial

Preserved Timber

An Iron Furnace for California

Resistance of Metals

A New Fabric—Feather Cloth

By Lecomte, Leferve, Anduze

Oxygen and Ozone

Turned Cast-Iron Chilled Wheels

Destruction of Vegetable Matters in Wool

Observations on Ants

The Lantern-Fly of Salvador

Suggestions in Floral Design

Embossing-Machines for Wearing-Apparel

By J. Steinlein

Spirit Photography

Pseudo Perspective Drawings for Illustration of Mechanical Objects

By Robert Briggs

A Dangerous Prescription

On Electrolytic Aniline-Black

By M. Fr. Goppelsoeder

Theory of the Production of Aniline Black by means of the Salts of Vanadium

By M. A. Guyard(Hugo Tamm)

Synthesis of Vanillin

Chemical Notes from Foreign and American Journals

The Pumping Engines: Recent Arrivals, Etc.

Street Pavements

The American Restaurant

Astronomical Drawings for the Centennial

On the Veiled Solar Spots

[Abstract Of A Paper Read Before The American Academy, 1875.]

By L. Trouvelot

A New Pyrheliometer

Artificial Wax

Effects of Disinfecting Substances on the Lower Organisms

Gold Varnish

New Varnish

By M. Zingler

“Meteorology in India in Relation to Cholera.”

By Col. J. Puckle

Interglacial Periods

New White Paint

A Brilliant Meteor

Volcanic Ireland

How Mushrooms are Reproduced

(Agaricua lacrymabundus. Fr.)

By Worthington G. Smith

Importation of Fresh Meat from America in Refrigerated Chambers

Sulphur as a Fire-Extinguisher

Fresh-Water Shell Mounds of the St. John's River, Florida

Outlet of the Great Salt Lake

Sixth Annual Convention of the Northeastern Bee-Keepers' Association

Thermal Equivalent of Magnetism

Medical uses of Galvanism

Abstract From a Clinical Lecture Delivered Feb. 7 1876

By Henry G. Piffard

Relations between Power and Velocity in Screw Propellers

By John Lowe

New Tertiary Lake Basin

By George B. Grinnell and Edward S. Dana

Hydraulic Rams

The Comber Engine not New

To the Editor of the Scientific American


Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society

Improved Disintegrator

New Nickel Minerals

Supporter for Cotton-Pickers

By W. J. Lynch

Improvement in Grain-Driers

By C. B. Stacy

Improvement in Horseshoes

By T. Thistlewood

Curious Copyright Case


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