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Milling-Machines and Milling-Tools

By Joshua Rose

The Chemical Action of Plants

By August Vogel

Proposed New Tunnel under the Thames

Important Trials in Gunnery

Amateur Mechanics

A Divining Rod Expert

Trial of the Loughridge Air-Brake

The Brewers' Building at the Centennial

New-Hampshire at the Centennial

Feed-Water Heater at the Exhibition

Use of Cerium for Aniline Blacks

The Longest Suspension-Bridge in the World

Galveston Harbor-Progress of its Improvement

New Method of Constructing Foundations

By O. C. Matthews


By W. H. Winslow

On the Deepening of the Beds of Rivers

American Society of Civil Engineers at the Centennial

The Largest Goniatite in the World

By F. B. Meek

Remarkable Blow by a Swordfish

Cremation in Milan

Composition and Transportation of Natural Gas

Volumetric Determination of Orcine

By M. S. Reymann

The San Francisco Free Baths

Shaping Machines

The “Blow Advance And Quick return” motion

By C. W. MacCord

New Water Meter

Improved Drilling and Slotting Machine

Evaporation and Percolation

Screw Propellers

By N. D. Spartali

The 81-Ton Gun

Remarkable Cable Telegraphing

On the Spectrum of Nitrogen and that of Alkaline Metals in Geissler Tubes

Action of Gunpowder in the Bores of Guns

Soft Iron versus Hard Steel

Iron Assaying

By Bruno Kerl

Crystalline Surfaces on Metals

Award of the Bessemer Medal

The Temescal Tin Mines

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By MacCord Stevens

Ironworks Construction in 1875

By Geo. W. Cope

The Changing Methods of Conducting Business

Ile's Differential Compass

Geological Society, London

Brain Changes in Hydrophobia

Bangor Water-Works

Walking and Training

The Kern River Region and the New Speckled Trout of Kern River

New-Guinea and the Admiralty Isles


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    April 15, 1876

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism