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The Gramme Magneto-Electric Machine

Estimation of Manganese in Cast-Iron

By Sergius Kern

The Effects of the Sun's Rotation and the Moon's Revolution on the Earth's Magnetism

Removing Varnish from Negatives and Ferrotypes

By E. K. Hough

Purple Tint for Marking Linen



Metallic Titanium

By Sergius Kern

Improvement in Watering

By M. Tavernier

A Pygmy Graveyard in Tennessee

The Mamertine Prison, Rome

The Australian Geological Collection for the Centennial Exhibition

South Park, Colorado

By C. S. Richardson

Limits of Perception in regard to Musical Tones

Discoveries in Egypt

Exhibition Notes

Present Aspect of the Exhibition

Close of the Sub-Wealden Exploration

The Rotomahaua Geyser in New-Zealand

The Michigan Building at the Centennial

The Centennial Opening

Experiments on Flexure of Beams

English Buildings on the Centennial Grounds

Manufacture of Alum under Pressure

The Influence of Coal-Dust on the Explosiveness of Fire-Damp

Recent Metallurgical Processes

Oils used in Lubricating Machines

By E. and G. Dollfus

Blotting-Paper Manufacture

Smouldering Fires in Coal-Mines

Pumping-Engine for the Hull Waterworks

Clothing for Boilers

Iodine and Bromine in Fresh-Water Plants

By H. Zenger

The Mechanical Action of Radiation

By LeRoy C. Cooley

The Concentration of Sulphuric Acid

Exhibit of the Copper-Mining Machinery used at the Moonta Mines, Yorke's Peninsula, South Australia

New Ebullioscope

By P. M. E. Malligand

Light and Lunacy

How to Produce Pellicle Cliches, and to Obtain a Portrait and Framework at One Printing

By C. Quesnay

The Largest Photographs in the World

Statistics of Petroleum in the United States

By C. F. Chandler

Laboratory Notes

By Sidney Lupton

Anthracite Coal from Spring-Water

The Utilization of Vegetable Silk Downs

The Influence of Light upon the Chemical Changes going on in the Animal Organism

The Exports Revival

Increasing the Spark of the Induction- Coil

Chemical Notes from Foreign and American Journals

A Process for making Moulds for, and Casting and Finishing Articles in the more Fusible Alloys

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Action of Ammonia upon Rosaniline

By M. E. Jacquemin

Turf Flower-Pots and Vases

By A. D. Lee


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    April 22, 1876

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