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Monster Engine

Turning and Fitting Tapers

By Joshua Hose

Proceedings of Societies

Philosophical Society of Glasgow

Gelsemium Sempervirens in Neuralgia

Exhibition in Finland

Singular Case in Dental Surgery

By Adams Parker

Science Notes


Remedy for Hemorrhage

Relations between Heat, Weight, and Vapor Tension of Liquids

Queensland (Australia) at the Centennial

Paraffins and their Alcohols

Coal-Oil versus Gas

Black Blue

Treatment of Anthracen Oil

By A. McDonald Graham

The Gases Contained in Meteorites

Photographic Application of the Radiometer

Mekarski's Tram-Car

Refrigerating Railway-Car

By J. E. Winants

Plan for Channel Railway


Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By MacCord

Microscopical Notes

Tungsten and Iron

By Richard Akerman

New Acid

Citric Acid

By Robert Warington

Unhealthy Trades

By B. W. Richardson

Treating Cupreous Solutions

Japan at the Centennial

Detecting Wood in Paper


Exhibition Notes

Some English Exhibits

The Diamond-Fields of Griqualand, South Africa

By J. B. Currey

Sweden at the Centennial

Novel Cork-Leather

By G. E. Block

Experiments on the Set of Bars of Wood, Iron, and Steel, after a Transverse Stress

By Wm. A. Norton

Phosphor-Bronze Wire Ropes

Standard Box Freight Car, New-York Central&Hudson River Railroad

A Novel Piece of Mechanism

Hydraulic Experiments on a Large Scale

Life-Boat Service

A Fine Week's Work

The Blast-Furnaces of Great Britain

Preparation of Pure Aniline

By M. A. Rosenstiehl

New Method for the Detection of Copper, Cadmium and Bismuth

By Malvern W. Iles

Paper from Bamboo and Sugar-Cane


Suggestions in Floral Design

The Carnauba Tree

The Screw-Propeller in Nature

By Alfred George Renshaw


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    April 29, 1876

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