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Proposed New Drawbridge for the Thames River, London

[A paper recently read before the Society of Arts, London.]

By Frederic Barnett

The Towers of the Brooklyn Bridge

On Gas-Burners

By J. Pattinson

New Method for the Quantitative Analysis of Silver

Where the Precious Metals Go

Improvement in Pumping-Engine

By W. Walker

New Steam-Ejector

Double-Cylinder Winding-Engine

Rotary Engine

By J. C. Titus

Double-Spring Steam-Hammer


Northcott'S New Feed-Water Heater

New Piston-Packing

By M. Paul Giffard

Rotary Pump

By W. T. Doremus

The Manufacture of Oil-Stones

By H. Y. Beach

Proceedings of Societies

Zoological Society of London, March 7

The Corliss Engines and Boilers

New Substitute for Gold

Necessity for more Skilled Artisans

By James M. Blanchard

Gold in India

Electro-Motive Engines

The New South Wales Exhibit

Monitor-Turret Exhibit

Remarkable Mosaic

The Transcontinental Hotel

A Gigantic Mineral Specimen

New-York and Illinois Buildings at the Exhibition

(See illustrations on preceding page.)

East-Indian Exhibits

On the Preparation of Dextrine-Maltose (Malt Sugar) and its use in Brewing

[A paper read before the Chemical Section of the Society of Arts, London, March: ' 7th, 1878, Prof. Williamson, F.R.S., ill the Chair.]

By Wm. Geo. Valentine

Unhealthy Trades

A Lecture Before the Society of Arts, London,

By B. W. Richardson

French academy of Sciences-March

The Division of Poisons

By Walter E. Bibby


On the Compression of Gases

By Charles F. Brush

The Gelatino-Bromide Emulsion

By H. G. Palmer

Use of the Sprengel Vacuum-Pump

By Ernest Francis

New Sulphuretted Hydrogen Generator

By P. Casamajor

New Electro-Magnetic Engine

By W. E. Sawyer

How to make an Electric Locomotive Engine

By G. F. Chutter

Photographs of the Blood

Fac-Simile Telegraphy

By W. E. Sawyer

Resistance of Electrical Conductors when in Motion

Collodio-Bromide Process

Tartaric Acid

By Robert Warington

Photographs in Colors

Olbers' Comet of 1815

Preserving Sensitive Photo-Paper

Curious Australian Implement

The Canker-Worm

By A. S. Packard

Glands of the Digestive apparatus of insects

By M. Jousset

Chinese Finger-Nails


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