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British Exhibits

English Sugar Machinery

Programme for the Opening Day, May 10, 1876

General Information for Visitors to the Exhibition

Electrical Visitors' Register

Bessemer Process-Iron Direct from the Blast-Furnace

The Depth of the Sea

Formula for Lunes

Ferromanganese-Manufacture of Steel

By M. F. Gautier

The Square Puzzle

Belgian Machinery at the Exhibition

The Turbine Water Wheels at the Exhibition

The Horse and Carriage Hotel

The Centennial Commissioners

Locomotives at the Exhibition

The Brazilian Building

The Glaciarium

The Emperor of Brazil at the Exhibition

Electrical Phenomena

The alleged etheric force—test experiments as to its identity with Induced electricity

By E. J. Houston and Elihu Thomson

The Electrical Time Gun at pernambuco

New Steam Pavement-Rammer

By S. Johnson

Locomotive Fire-Box, Pennsylvania R.R

Apparatus for Cleaning Brick Walls

By J. Waterman

Supplying Locomotives with Water

By Henry Howe


New Umbrella-Supporter

By E. M. Arnold

New Process for Iron

By William Batty

The South Pass (Mississippi River) Jetty- Works

By E. L. Cortell

Erythroxylon Coca

English Railway Couplings

Fossil Footprints

Indelible Printing Ink

Frightful Effects of an Avalanche

Flora of New-Caledonia


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    May 20, 1876