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Recent Trial of the Lay Torpedo

The Pennsylvania Railway Passenger Station at the Exhibition Entrance

Opening of the International Exhibition

Gas Engines

The International Exhibition of 1876

Iron Assaying

By Bruno Kerl

New Oxide of Sulphur

John Fitch

New Steam Street-Car

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa

The French Exposition of 1878

Science Notes

Lawn Pavilion

French Academy of Sciences.—March

On the Preparation of Dextrine-Maltose (Malt Sugar) and its use in Brewing

By Wm. Geo. Valentine

The Mechanical Ventilation of Mines

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By MacCord

Colors and their Effects upon the Human System

On Repulsion Resulting from Radiation

By William Crookes


A Multi-Cylinder Engine

By William H. Billing

Piston Rods for Horizontal Engines

New Air Compressor

Paris Green

Unhealthy Trades

A Lecture before the Society of Arts, London

By B. W. Riciiardson

Action of Peroxide of Hydrogen upon Fatty Oils

By S. Cohne

Production of Methylaniline Violet Directly on Cotton

By Albert Dupuy

Mesmerism in Dentistry

Dr. Letheby

Analogy of Cyanogen to Oxygen

By Willim Skey

Antimony Photographs

Bar-Iron Pit-Guides

Centrifugal Pump and Engine

Improved Hydraulic Shears


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    May 27, 1876

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