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Improved Mining Pump

Case Hardening

Sudden Outbursts of Gas

French Academy of Sciences.—April

Royal Microscopical Society.—April

Science Notes

Influence of Light and Heat on Selenium

Physical Society, London.—April


Liquid Carbonic Acid in Minerals

By Walter Noel Hartley

Manufacture of Sulphuric Anhydride

By R. Messel and W. Squire

Combined Boring, Turning, and Grooving Machine

Progress of Marine Steam-Engineering

The Inflexible

The Kainotoman Rock-Drill

The Women's Pavilion Exhibit

British Colonial Exhibits

International Trial of Mowers and Reapers

Fruit Syrups

By A. F. W. Neynaber

Indelible Ink for Rubber Stamps

Centennial Item

Portugal at the Exhibition

Exhibits from the Krupp Works, Essen, Prussia

New Depot, Pennsylvania Railroad, Philadelphia

Exhibits of Printing Machinery

The Opening Ceremonies of the Exhibition

To Place Two Cranks upon a Shaft so that One shall Stand at a Right Angle to the other

By Joshua Rose

Cellular System for Ships of War

By H. J. Boolds

Double-Screw Tug-Boat

Constructed by Messrs James Howden&CO., Engineers, Glasgow

Tank Locomotives of the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway

The New docks of New-York

Accidents on the German Railways

Remarkable Performance of Phelps New Motor Printers

Improvements in Electro-Magnets and induction Coils

By John Trowbridge

New Apparatus for Transporting Living Fish

The Bathometer

Curious Marine Animals


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    June 03, 1876

    Confronting Common Wisdom