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Brazilian Exhibits

The International Exhibition of 1876

Swedish Iron and Steel in the Main Building No.9

The U. S. Building in the Centennial Exhibitions.—The Manufacture of Fire-Arms

The Japanese at the Centennial

Sewing-Machines at the Exhibition

The American Book Exhibit at the Exhibition

Michigan Apples

Entrances and Mechanical Door-Clerks at the Exhibition

The Megatherium Cuvieri at the Exhibition

Agricultural Iiall

Measuring Machine at the Exhibition

The Japanese Bronzes

Explosions in Mines

Air Compression

Centennial Notes

Proceedings of London Societies

Musical Association.—April

State Laws Concerning the Sale of Patents are Unconstitutional and Void

To Take Impressions of Leaves, Etc

Recovery of Indigo from Spent Vats

By G. N. Underwood

Hypodermic use of Morphia

Soiree of the Royal Microscopical Society

Ice Skating in Summer

Immediate Cure for Cold in the Head

The Caspian Sea

The New Nicolaieff Floating and Depositing Dock

By Latimer Clark

A Spiral Steam-Jacket

The Casson-Dormoy Mechanical Puddling Furnace

Comparative Value and Strength of Astringents

Recovering Varnishes from Old Loom-Harness

By Leander Butler

To make Water-Proof Paper Bags

By Albert S. Dennison

American Flax Manufacture

Detecting arsenic in Paper-Hangings

By M. Kupfferschlaeger

The Ferment of Urea

The Physical Constitution of Steam

Preparation of Half-Woollen Garments for Dyeing

Solution of Coagulated Albumen

New Coloring Agents in the Examination of the Tissues

Salicylic Acid in the Treatment of Acute Articular Rheumatism

Self-Development of Ova

The Dangers of Chloroform

Phyllocyanin as a Reagent

By Guido Pellagri

Dyeing Recipes

From Reimann

Presence of Bile Colors

Removal of Dental Nerve for Neuralgia

By James E. Garhetson

The Carbolic Acid Spray

Change in the Color of the Hair

Reducing Steel and other Ingots

By George W. Billings

Elastic Pipe-Jointing

Three-Cylinder Steam Engine

Improvement in Breakwaters

By John G. Bruggeman

Oils and Fat Destructive to Iron

Deepening Channels to Reduce Flood-Height

To the Editor of the Scientific American

How to Build Cheap Boats

No. 1.

By Paddlefast

On the Preparation of Dextrine-Maltose(Malt Sugar)and its use in Brewing

Royal College of Chemistry, South Kensington

By Wm. Geo. Valentine

Railways in Brazil

Steel Rails

Labor in Massachusetts

Steel-Headed Rails

The Ammonia Process of Treating Ores

The Wonderful Salt Mines of Virgin River, Nevada

A New Steam Dummy

Free Silica Taken up by Plants

By P. B. Wilson

M. Bert's New Researches on Chameleons

Resources of Africa


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