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An Interesting Relic

American Steel Tires at the Exhibition

A New Alpine Tunnel

The Crank Shaft of the U. S. Steamer “Trenton”

The International Exhibition of 1876


Centennial Exhibition — U. S. Department

The Centennial Exhibition — Machinery Hall

Machinery Hall Notes

Wood-Working Machinery

The Women's Pavilion at the Exhibition

Convention of the American Society of Civil Engineers

The Gould Steam Fire-Engine at the Exhibition

The Langen & Otto Gas Motor at the Exhibition

Fly-Wheel Dangers

The Turner's Company's Prizes

The Railroads of the World

The Chinese in America

French Academy of Sciences


Passenger Engine, Midland Railway

The Steam Locomotive

Water Supply for Towns and Villages

By Clarence Delafield

New Ice Machine

The Raising of the Vanguard

Improvement in Tide-Powers

By A. Mallory

The Kentucky Shower of Flesh

The Collis Browne Screw-Propeller

Sycamore, Illinois, Water Supply

New Rays of Calcium

The Discovery of Gallium

The Crystallization of Meteoric Waters

Studies of Matter and Life

By Henry J. Slack

Electric Light

On the Nature of Thermo-Electricity

Fac-Simile Telegraphy

A Large Poultry-Yard

Disposing of Raw Manure

Royal Dublin Spring Cattle Show

The Opossum

By Howard Miller


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    July 01, 1876