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British Exhibits

The International Exhibition of 1876


To Calculate the Gear-Wheels Necessary to Cut a Thread in a Screw-Cutting Lathe

By Joshua Rose

Physiological Action of the Salts of the Biliary Acids

Electro-Magnet with Flat Spirals

By M. Serrin

Song of the Screw

Ships of War

By N. Barnaby

Proceedings of the Congress of French Scientific Societies at La Sorbonne

Chemical Society, London

By Gilbert

Telegraphy without Wires

Light Waves

The Great Jetty Works at the Mouth of the Mississippi River

The American Society of Civil Engineers

Fast Railway Time

Across the continent in Three Days and a Half

An American Arboretum

Reaction-Time of the Taste


On the Distribution of the Asteroids

By Daniel Kirkwood

Apparatus for Demonstrating the Transformation of Force

Warning of Explosive or Deleterious Gases

Sulphur Beds of Washoe County, Nevada

Steam Street-Cars

Details of Compound Engine with AshWorth's Variable Expansion Gear

A Hundred-Ton Gun

The Gas Wells of Pennsylvania

By J. Lawrence Smith

Manufacture of Metal Rings

By Alvin Taplin

Improved Governor

By W. D. Marks

A New Microscopical Drawing Apparatus

By Holle Gottingen

A Clock without Hands

Twin Stairs, Elevator, and Light-Shafts

By Samuel Gray

Tool Grinder

Magneto-Electricity for Telegraphy

History of Magnetism and of Electro-Magnetism

Electro-Motive Changes Produced by Light

Economy of Electricity

Constitution of the Sun

Lunar Geology

Imitation of Chinese and Japanese Bronzes

Fading of Colors in Zoological Collections

Suggestions in Floral Design

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By MacCord

Iron in the Spleen

Transferring, Reversing, and Transporting Negatives

On the Preparation of Dextrine-Maltose (Malt Sugar) and its use in Brewing

By Wm. Geo Valentine

The Sleep of Plants

Solubility of Salicylic Acid

Photographs of Blood

Machine for Destroying Potato-Beetles

By A. Iske

Perforation of a Paving-Block by Tree- Roots

Soft Wood for Timber and Fuel

A Grotto of Health

Arable Earth


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    July 08, 1876