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The Coast Survey Exhibits at the Centennial

Notes from the Exhibition

Novel Type Making and Setting Machine

The International Exhibition of 1876

Galloway Boilers

The Hot Blast

Indian Dwellings at the Exhibition

International Exhibition of 1876

Centennial Suggestions—The Modern Railway System


Exhibition Notes

Australian Gold Quartz Specimen

Where the Profits Go

French Academy of Sciences

Tests for Iron and Steel

Hydraulic Motive-Power Engines

New Torpedo Carriage

The Mechanical Effect of “Blown-Out Shots” on Ventilation

By Hall and Clark

Machines for making Porcelain Plates

Preparation of Glass Photographs for Colors

By G. C. Lewis

Cement for Fixing India-Rubber to Metal, Etc

The Preparation of Dry Plates

By H. Vogel

Russian Railways

Silver Dust

Steam Digging Machine

A Centrifugal Filter

New Multiplying Camera

New Propeller

By Thomas M. Rankin

New Electric Probe and Extractor

Telegraph Lightning Protector

By J. E. Vaes

The Rhe-Electrometer

Lighting Gas by Electricity

Walnut Leaves in Miliary Tubercle

Bunge's Chemical Balance

The Comstock Lode

By John S. Hittell

Quinia Subcutaneously in Sunstroke

Vortex Atoms

The Channel Tunnel

The New Portage Bridge

Formation of Crystals

Novel Life-Boat

How to Build Cheap Boats

By Paddlefast

Improved Gas Burner for Heating Purposes

Lightning Conductors

Improved Horse Detacher

Light-Registering Apparatus

Propagation of Brook-Trout

Preservation of Grain, Etc., by means of Bar-Iron or Metallic Mercury

Arsenic in the Arts as a Cause of Arsenical Poisoning

By S. A. Lattimore

Blue-Eyed White Cats not Deaf

The Peach

By S. T. Maynard

The Perfect Horse

How to Measure Him

European Cheeses

The Adventures of a Steel-Trap


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