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Brewers' Hall at the Centennial

Valveless Engines at the Centennial

The Pennsylvania Diamond Drill Company's Drill

The Philadelphia Exhibition

The Government Building

Aniline Colors at the Exhibition

By Carl Rumpff

United States Naval Machinery at the Exhibition

The International Exhibition of 1876

Testing and Weighing Machinery of Messrs Riehle Bros

The Niagara Duplex Air-Pump

The Norwalk Steam-Engine

American Silverware at the Centennial

Physical Society.—London, May 27

By Gladstone

American Iron Bridges

French Academy of Sciences

Recent Trials of a New 38-Ton Gun in England

Dwellings for Workmen

The Importance of a Knowledge of the Laws of Health

To Westminster Hospital,and Lecturer on Medical Jurisp Rudence

By Thomas Bond

Miniature Maps

A Singular Accident

The “Challenger” Expedition

Pumping-Engine at the Lehigh Zinc-Works, Friedensville, Pa

Effect of Electricity on Particles Suspended in Liquids

The Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By MacCord

How to Build Cheap Boats

By Paddlefast

A New Domestic Ice Machine

Headaches from Eye-Strain

By S. Weir Mitchell

Temperature of the Interior of the Earth

The Ophthalmoscope

A New Wheat Destroyer

Cost of a Bushel of Meal

House Drainage

By James R. Willett

Water-Cress in the Materia Medica

Ploughing in Rye

Potatoes—Level Culture

Grease Traps

A New Microscopic Slide

Communicated by Professor Rupert Jones, F.R.S. Read before the Royal Microscopical Society, 1876

By M. Ernest Vanden Broeck

Newly-Discovered Antiquities

Huge Meteorites from Greenland

Precious Stones in Brazil


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