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Notes from the Exhibition

The single-rail railroad

The International Carriage Exhibition

Foreign Carriages

The Centennial Exhibition

Novel Mortar Carriage and Truck

A Railroad Relic—The Locomotive “Lion”

Carriage Exhibits at the Centennial

Brazil at the Exhibition

Our Population

The Peoile of the United States One Hundred Years Ago and Now

New Process for Iron

Steel Rails-English Experience

Street Pavements

Working Dogs

Car-Wheel Boring Machine

Constructed by Messrs. W. B.Bement&Sons, Engineers,Philadelphia

Zinc as an anti-Incrustator

The “Liberty” Printing Presses at the Centennial

Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus, Kensington Museum, London

The Philadelphia Public Buildings

By J. McArthur

Microscopical Structure of Rocks

New Microscopic Amplifiers

The Magneto-Induction Machine

By Eduard Zetzsche

American-Indian Stone Tubes and Tobacco-Pipes

The Radiometer

New Pyrometer

New Continuous Spinning Machine

Improved Galvanic Battery

By J. E. Watson

New Puddling Furnace

New Air-Pump

Usnic Acid

By E. Paterno

Action of Zinc on Solutions of Cobalt

By M. Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Tests of the Strength of Dovetail Joints

Preventing Smoke from Steam-Boilers

Rusting of Iron

By A. Wagner

Salicylic Acid

By Charles Becker

Concentrated Solution of Salicylic Acid

By C. L. Mitchell

Direct Test for Calcium in the Presence of Barium and Strontium

By Malvern W. Lles

Metallic Gloss for Dyed Fabrics

Aniline Green in Tissues with Cotton Warp

Metallic Oerium, Lanthanum, and Didymium

New Process for Determining Astringents

By M. F. Jean

Ice in Great Britain


The Artificial Production of the Crystalline Formation of Snow

Tinning of Metals

Liquid Films

The Electric Light

Electro-Magnetic Rotations


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