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Sketches of the Great Exhibition

American Thread Lace

The Women's Building

Inventions and Foreign Exhibits

Machinery Hall

Cork Making

Bayonet Polishing at the Exhibition

International Exhibition of 1876

No. 22 Exhibits of the Bridgewater Iron Works and the Rider Life-Raft Company

Illustrations of the Exhibition

Drawing from the Microscope

Recent Discoveries of Extinct Animals by Professor Marsh

Repair of a Furnace Crucible While in Blast

Point Bridge, Pittsburg, Pa

The Manufacture of Chilled Rolls

The Victoria Dock Extension

Metropolitan Artisans' and Laborers' Dwellings Association, London

One of the Causes of Typhoid Fever

French Academy of Sciences


Concrete as a Building Material

Discharge of Sewage into the Sea

Iodine as an Impurity in Nitric Acid

Physical Society, London.—June

Effect of Lenses on Light

By G. C. Foster

The Chemical Society, London.—June

By Gladstone

Centrifugal Pump and Three-Cylinder Engine

New's Universal Tool-Holder

Ashworth's Double-Acting Steam-Pump

M. Giroud's “Gas Verifier”

Crystallized Wood and Paper

Zinc Bath for Galvanizing Iron Wire

Grinding and Polishing

By Joshua Rose

Shrinkage Strains in Castings

By Alfred E. Watkins

Proportions of non-Condensing Horizontal Engines

Pneumatic Tubes in New York City

The Horse-Power of Heavy Guns

Ships of the British Navy

Railway Resistances

Prizes for Tree-Planting

Improved Adding Pencil

Suggestions in Floral Design


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