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The Old Mill in Agricultural Hall

The International Exhibition of 1876


A Lost Art in Surgery

Locomotives at the Philadelphia Exhibition

The Corliss Beam Engine at the Exhibition

Steel-Wire Hawsers &u003c5;. Hemp Hawsers

Concrete Floors

A Tribute to Prof. F. Reuleaux

Commissioner-General of the German Empire

The Coal of West Virginia

By M. F. Maury

Apiculture at the Centennial

By R. McKean Jones

Barrel Machinery at the Exhibition


Large Panoramic Negatives by means of Ordinary small Camera and Lenses

By L. Warnerke

Poisonous Red Carpets

Powers of the Retina

The Ventilation of Collieries

Protection of Steam-Reds against the Action of Iron

Typhus Communicated by Vaccination

Metallic Osmium

Upward Air Currents

Combined Locomotive and Reaping Machine

Constructed by Messrs. Aveling & Porter, Engineers, Rochester, England

New Steam Street-Car

The Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus, London

Natural Magnets

Egyptian Antiquities

French academy of Sciences



Air and Airs

How to Build Cheap Boats

By Paddlefast

The Portuguese Ironclad, “Vasco De Gama”

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Exhibition notes.—Admission Charges, Etc.

Manufacture and Working of Steel

By D. Chernoff and W. Anderson

A Mercury Astronomical Mirror

The “Frue Vanner”

The Homeric Metal, Kyanos

Groves's Improved Rheostat

Redier's Registering Barometer


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