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Sketches from the Great Exhibition

The life-saving service

Exhibit of the Central Pacific Railroad

The Ball-Suspension Puzzle at the Centennial

The Great Exhibition

A tour through the boiler-houses—the motive power for machinery hall and other buildings

Wood-Working Machines at the Exhibition

Greenlee's relishing machine

Carriage Exhibits—Illustrated

Simple Rules for the Management of Sailboats

How to Build Cheap Boats

NO. VI.—the fifteen-dollar whitehall Row-Boat.— length, sixteen feet

By Paddlefast

Drilling Machines

By W. B. Bement *amp*amp; Son

What makes the Radiometer Turn ?

A Railway in China

Combined Self-Acting Slide Lathes

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Terra Cotta Adapted to Modern Church Work

By Edmund Sharpe

Effect of Cold upon Milk and its Products

Lightning in Wales

A beautiful Ornament

Manufacture and Working of Steel

By D. Chernoff and W. Anderson

Flour Mills in the United States

New Iron-Making Process

A B C Process for Treating Sewage.—Native Guano Company

By C. Rawson

New Chalk Fossils

Free Silica taken up by Plants

Nursery Fruit Trees


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