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The French Exhibition of 1878

The Gold and Silver Display

The State Buildings of Mississippi and West Virginia at the Exhibition

Theorell's Printing Meteorgraph

Cutting-Tools for Lathes and Planers

By Joshua Rose

Science Notes from “The Academy.”

Building Associations in Philadelphia

A New Road Pavement

By M. K. Couzens

French Academy of Sciences


Borax Lake and Sulphur and Quicksilver Deposits of California

Machine Tools at the Exhibition

Locomotives at the Exhibition

Safety in Industrial Occupations

Steel Railway Cars

Steel-Making Immigrants

Casson's New Gas Furnace

The Paul Process

By A. B. Paul

Chloride of Soda in Cancerous Ulcers

By G. M. Rivers

The Preservation of Ice at the Bedside

A Multiple Antidote

Sulphide of Calcium

By T. Curtis Smith


Effect of Railways in Material Progress

Brussels Hygienic and Life-Saving Congress

A New Street Railway Car

Illumination by the Electric Light

The Radiometer

Conduction of Electric Currents

The Nature of the Zodiacal Light

Methods of Chemical Decomposition as Illustrated by Water

By J. H. Gladstone

The Union of Chloral Hydrate and Camphor

By Ernest C. Saunders

Magnetic Native Platinum

Melanophlogite and Aerinite

Infusoria and Nitrates

By T. L. Phipson


By Lewis Thompson

New Meteoric Mineral, Daubreelite

Characteristics of Eosine upon Stuffs

By M. R. Wagner

Temperature of Solidification of Sulphur

By M. D. Gernez


Dyeing Receipts

Water Works, Ancient and Modern

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

On Fly-Wheel Accidents

Horse-Power Pump

A Cheap Rock Breaker

Chutaux's Electro-Motor

Electricity as a Motor

The Keely Motor

Cheap Photo Plate-Holder

By L. Macdona

Hiving Swarms in High Trees

Electrical Vortices

The Geographic Stadiometer

The Rowton Siderite

The Agouti


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