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Sketches from the Exhibition

The Napmeter

Horticultural Exhibit at the Centennial

The Chemical industry of Germany at the Centennial

By The Committee of the Associated German Chemical Manufacturers

The International Exhibition of 1876

The Largest Engine in the Exhibition.—The J. P. Morris Blowing Engine

Camphor at the Exhibition

Resources of Servia and Bosnia

Gold and Silver

Economy of Fuel in Engines

Rules for Calculating the Power of Belting

The City of Brussels

An Ancient Roman Villa

The Manufacture of Brussels Carpets

The “Thunderer Explosion”

The 1OO-Ton Gun.—The heaviest cannon in the World

The New Philadelphia Route

The Yardleyville Bridge

Ozone from Manganese

Intensification of Negatives

The Possibility of Photographing Sounds

Self-Recording Dial

Periodic Movements of the Foliage of Plants

Novel Boiling Fountain

New Method of Heating Gas from Motive Power

By W. N. Hill

A Novel Vinegar Manufacturer

New Feed-Water Heater

Steam-Blower for Smithy Forges

Why Early Autumn is an Unhealthy Season

Porcelain Roller Mills

Tanning of Textile Fabrics

Roller Flour Mills

By Oscar Oexle

Quick Work.—Wheat Harvested, Thrashed, Ground, made into Bread, and Eaten, all in Eleven Minutes

Prevention of Mill Fires

How to Build Cheap Boats

By Paddlefast

Printing with artificial Alizarine

By J. Depierre

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Process for Finishing Bronze and Brass Articles

New Process for Preparing Pure Nickel Salts

Deodorizing Petroleum

Extraction of Gallium from its Ores

By M. Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Notes on Blowpipe Analysis

By H. B. Cornwall


By Carl Rumpff

Waterproofing Paper

Persian Red


By MM. Ste.-Claire Deville and H. Debray

Night Habits of Fish

New Process for the Manufacture of Dextrin

By M. Anthon

Metallization of organic Bodies for Galvanic Deposits

By M. P. Cazeneuve

Improved Metallic Alloy

By A. Le Marquand

Fattening Oysters

Extracting Mercury and other Volatile Metals from their Ores

By H. Berrens

Cormorant Fishing in England

Chrome Red

Cement Casks

Black Aniline Ink

Atomic Constitution of Bodies

By M. De St. Venant

Asbestos in Nevada

Artificial India-Rubber

Absorption of Free Nitrogen

By M. Berthelot

Air-Bags for Raising Ships


Transparence of Flames

By MM. Jamin, Puiseux and E. Becquerel


The Celestial Indicator

Celestial Dynamics

Do the Planets Move Round the Sun


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    September 23, 1876

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