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Hydraulics at the Exhibition.—The Pump Annex

Cutting Tools for Lathes

To the Editor of the Scientific American

Exhibition Notes

The Century Clock

James B. Eads, C.E., LL.D

New Atmospheric Hammer

By J. C. Butterfild

Mr. Fletcher's Proposed Safety-Valve

Apparatus for Raising Sunken Vessels

By Emily E. Tassey

Test Safety-Valve

Improvement in Car-Couplings

By L. P. Bailey

New Metallic Piston Packing

Improvement in Gas Engines

By Friedrich W. Gilles

San Francisco to Liverpool in Sixteen Days

Chinese Suspension Bridges

Railways in Japan

Boracic Acid in Iron Ores

Cement Ornaments

The Rhododendron

Artificial Leather

Steam Street-Cars in Baltimore

New Lubricant

To Restore Soiled Steel Engravings

Chromeisen as a Substitute for Spiegeleisen

Manufacture of Dynamite

Sail-Boat Building

Salt as a Wood Preservative

The Oil of Wood

By M. Guibourt


By M. H. Buhrig

Determination of Anthracen in Coal-Tar

By M. C. Nicol

Determination of Lithium by means of the Spectroscope

By M. H. Ballmann

Chromate of Lead in Ham Coverings

Removing Tin from Scraps, Etc., by Electricity

By N. S. Keith

The Absorption of Free Nitrogen and Hydrogen by Organic Substances

Number of Locomotives on English Railroads

Single-Rail Railway

Locomotives for the 18-In. Gauge

French Railways

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Gas Singeing Machine

New Electric Gas-Lighter

By A. L. Bogart

New Investigations on the Radiometer is it an Electric Engine?

Improved Rotary Boiler and Process for Making Paper Pulp

Blow-Pipe and Spectroscope for Mineralogists

By Marshall Hall

The London Scientific Apparatus Exposition

Grubbs' Apparatus for Polishing Specula

Jupiter at his opposition, 1876

Astronomical Notes

Professor Huxley in America.—The Theory of Evolution

Third Lecture

Gymnastic Exercise

Traces of Man in the Robin-Hood Cave

By W. Boyd Dawkins

Clock Chimes

Non-Combustible Wood

Wrought-Iron Grilles

How to Draw on Glass

The Sounds of Woods and Metals


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