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The International Exhibition of 1876

The Ball Puzzle

Bonita Steam Yacht at the Centennial

The Empire Transportation Company at the Exhibition

Bradley's Hammer at the Exhibition

Exhibits of Jute Manufacture

The Paris Exhibition of 1878

Steam Boilers at the Centennial

Locomotive Tests

Anthracite Coke as a Steam Fuel

The Water Supply at Woolwich

New Steam Ferry, London

A Gigantic Elevator

On Welding Iron

Spring Motors

A Spring-Propelled Railway Car

By E. H. Leveaux

Exhibition of the Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus, London

Simultaneous Oscillations of the Barometer

New Musical Improvement


A New System of Plastering

Temperature of the Interior of the Earth

New Revolving Bridge and Travelling Crane


Large Span Station Roofs

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Enamelling or Glazing of Photographs

What is Phosphorescence?

Utilization of Waste Iron

Camacho's New Electric Battery

A New Intensifier

Stanley's African Discoveries

Printing on Glass

By J. L. Wells

Improvement in Photographic-Camera Lenses

By Adolph Steinheil and Edward Steinheil

Enamelled Cooking Vessels

Ancient Chinese Statues

Chinese Floating Dwellings

Companions of the Pole Star

A Generation on the March


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    November 18, 1876

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