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The International Exhibition of 1876

Moulding and Founding.—The Exhibit of James L. Jackson&Co., in Machinery Hall

The International Exposition of 1876

The Burleigh Rock Drill

The use of the Magnetic Needle in Searching for Magnetic Iron Ore

The East River Suspension Bridge

Cable Making

Locomotive Traction

The Western Union Telegraph Company

(From the Annual Report of the President, William Orton, for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1876.)


Combined Spring Motors

By Charles J. Schumacher

Natural Gas Wells

Hydraulic Mining at Dutch Flat

Copper Deposits of America

The Fastest Steam Yacht in the World

Water Railways

Trials of the 81-Ton Gun

Compass Correction in Iron Ships

By William Thomson

Oils and Fat Destructive to Iron

Manufacture of Artificial Butter

By Henry A. Mott

How the 81-Ton Gun was Made

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

A New Voltaic Cell

British Association


Emulsion Photo Plates

By Henry J. Newton

How to use Photographic Backgrounds

By L. W. Seavey

Photographs upon Enamel and Porcelain


Audible Speech by Telegraph


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    November 25, 1876