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Fog Signals at the Centennial

The International Exhibition of 1876

Rider Hot-Air Engine—Remarkable Steel Shavings

Closing Ceremonies of the Centennial International Exhibition of 1876

The Great Exhibition Over

Syers' “Reliance” Pump

Improvement in Postage-Stamps

By H. Vander Weyde

Hand Rock-Drilling Machine

The Monnier Process

Portable Horse-Power and Thresher

The Men Who “Know it All”

Portable Engine and Novel Valve Gear

Metallic Railway Cars

The Height of Cutting Tools

Safety Lamp Cleaner

Roman Magnificence

New Metallic Alloy

The Manufacture of Artificial Butter

By Henry A. Mott

Pneumatic Pen

New Air Compressor

Earth Electric Batteries

By Jules Cerpaux

The Antiquity of Man

Introducing Queens

Germination of Seeds in Ice

What may be made of our Wild Fruits

Vanillin from Pine Trees

Testimony for Evolution

Specific Heat of Gases

Impregnation of the Boa-Constrictor

French Academy of Sciences


The Planet Venus

The Cat as a Substitute for the Carrier Pigeon

The Ash-Showers of Iceland

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. Maccord

The Radiometer of Mr. Crookes

Powers of the Eye, and Instrumentation

By Royston Pigott

Pleasure and Pain

Movements Produced by Light and Heat, and on the Radiometer of Mr. Crookes

By A. G. Bartbi

Typhoid Fever

By A. L. Loomis

Tape-Worm in Meat

Suspension in Spinal Curvatures

Salicylic Cotton Wadding

Plasma Tubes of the Human Skin

On Preparing some Colored Fires (Bengal Lights) used in Pyrotechny

By Sebgius kern

Dyspeptic Asthma

Determination of Gold in Pyrites

By M. H. Schwarz

Deafness as an Intracranial Disease

Cement for Glycerine Mounting

Action of Salicylic Acid on the Bones

A New Adhesive Plaster

Underground Temperature

Transparencies and Enlargements

Vortex Smoke Rings

Action of Light on Pure and Colored Silver Bromide

By Herman W Vogel

How to use Photographic Backgrounds

By L. W. Seavey

Microscopic Observation of Minute Objects


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    December 02, 1876

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