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The International Exhibition of 1876

The Corliss Bevel Gear Cutter

British Manufacture of small Arms

Surgical Appliances at the Centennial

Manufacture of Steel Pens

England and the Centennial

Explosion of an Iron Furnace

Substitutes for Horses on Street Cars

Steam Riveted Boiler

Ocean Steamers

Improved Spring Motor

By J. W. H. Doubler

Volute-Spring Motor

By W. S. Shoemaker

Torsion-Spring Motive-Power

By Albert M. Bacon

Moeslein's Plan for Spring Motor

By Valentine Moeslein

Spring Motive-Power

By John B. Howell

On the Progress of Aeronautics

By Fred. W. Bkearey

African Arrow-Poison

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Boyd Hill Gas Well

Peanuts vs. Olives

Oil-Pipe Lines

New use for Refined Oil

Improved Lubricant

French Academy of Sciences


Action of Hydrocyanic Acid on Insect Life

The Treatment of Cancer

The Treatment of Burns

The Relief of Prickly Heat

The Diet for Gout

Tape-Worm Remedy

By Edwin Freeman

Specific against Hydrophobia

Hyposulphite of Soda in Diphtheria

Functions of the Optic Thalami

Diphtheria Successfully Treated


By B. W. Richardson


Ferns in the Parlor


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    December 09, 1876

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