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Roots' Force-Blast Blowers at the Centennial

The International Exhibition of 1876

Blowing Engine.—Weimer Machine Works

The Ball Puzzle

Improvement in Subaqueous Tunnels

By John C. Trautwine

Strength of Cast-Iron Fitting-Blocks for Boilers

The Jetties at South Pass

New Boat-Lowering Apparatus

By J. Pinker

Improved Safety-Valve

Adams' Safety-Valves

Raising of Sunken Vessels

The Slide Valve

Railroad Embezzlements

The New Ironclad Corvette “Nelson”

Five Thousand Dollars Reward

Deterioration of Linen Goods

The Cost of Mining and Smelting

Fire-Proof Cities

Novel Water Elevator

A Proposed New Coinage Alloy

Cornell Natural History Society

The Engines of the “Britannic”

Double Telegraph-Key

By James O. Byrns

Manganese Bronze

Conducting Surface for Electrotypes

Electrical Brake

Extraction of Potash from Wool in the Grease

New Theory of Latent Heat

By M. Le General Fave

An Improved Aspirator

By R. H. Richards

Separation of Petroleum Products

By James Cole

Improved Barometers

By Edmund C. Wagner

New Photo Cement

By M. Straub


Combination Negatives

Gelatine Emulsion Plates

By H. J. Palmer

Elastic Dammar Varnish for Photographs, Etc.

Photo Burnishing

The Movement of the Radiometer

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

The Health of Mill Hands

What is the Meaning of Human Personality

By Henry J. Slack

Action of Lactic Acid on the Bones

The Treatment of Diphtheria

By J. H. Nowlin


Tranchina's Method of Embalming

Hypodermic injections of Carbolic acid in Neuralgias

Physical Properties of Gallium

By M. Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Direct Manufacture of Zinc White

Manufacture of Arsenic


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