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Phelps's Electro-Motor Printing Telegraph

Raw Hide Tips

Extension of the Metropolitan Underground Railway, London

Fast Telegraphy

A New Electric Lamp

By M. P. Jabloschkoff

Machine for Straightening Railroad Rails

By W. B. Chisholm, J. Walker and E. Martin

Sideraphthite, a New Alloy

Removal of Lead from the Human System by Electricity

A Model Car Stable

French Mail Bag Catcher

New Narrow-Gauge Locomotive

The Tallest Lighthouse in the World

The Vertical Drill

By F. G. Woodward

Water Gas as a Fuel

By G. S. Dwight

The Lowe Gas Process

The Brighton (Eng.) Water Suplpy

The Cranston Air Compressor

Theory of Spectral Rays

French Prizes for New Discoveries

Overhead Travelling Crane

Brakell's Blower and Exhauster

Why Fine Gold Floats

Steam Mortar Mixer

Increase of the Water Supply for New York City

By Samuel Mcelroy

A Solar Distillery

By M. A. Mouchot

A Good Paper

Chinese Silk Production

Hermann's New Sizing Method

Photographs in Wood for Engraving

By Edward Pocock

A New Reagent for Glucose.

By A. Soldiani

Economic Production of White Lead

Frothing of Colors

Theory of Luminous Flames

By Karl Heumann

What Becomes of Salicylic Acid After it is Absorbed?

Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid


Dyeing Recipes

Dyeing, Printing, and Bleaching

By M. Michel De Vinant

Salicylic Acid in the Milk Trade

By L. Manetti and G. Muso

Suspension of Clay in Water

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. McCord


Watered Lard and its Detection

A Test of Potatoes

Calculus in Horses

Green Hay

The Development of the House-Fly

Adulteration of Pepper

The Rootlet Hairs of Plants


Friction of the Ether

New Variety of Liquorice

Rat and Mice Protector

New Zealand Cray-Fish

Soap Obtained Directly from Salt

A Crystalline Coating for Paper or Wood

Oil of the Smut of Corn

Remedy for Verbena Rust

Statistics of Tobacco-Smoking

Archæological Discoveries at Bonn

How to Soften Hard Water

New Mash for Horese

Russia Leather

Village Drainage

Automatic Civilization

Incompressibility of Sand

Water Beneath Glaciers

Stair Case in the Jacobean Style


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