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Iron Railway Cars

Remarkable Railway Accident

The Great Mexican Railway

Iron Passenger Cars

Elastic Washers

New Blowpipe

Erie and New York Central

Hartnell's Governor

Wind at 153 Miles an Hour

Power Loom

KÖrting's Locomotive Injector

The River Clyde

Egerton's Tidal Pier

The Proposed New Bridge, London

Wooden Pillars

Progress of the Great Suspension Bridge

Concrete Bridge

Concrete as a Building Material

History of the Art of Coach Building

By G. A. Thrupp

Machinery of the American Steam Sloops

Mm. Pelouze and Audouin's New Apparatus for the Mechanical Condensation of the Liquefiable Matters in Gases or Vapors

By M. Felix Le Blanc

Mining and Metallurgy in the United States

A New and Remarkable Gas Burner

Comstock Bonanzas

Casting Steel

Vertical Retorts for Shale and Other Minerals

The Secor Process for Gold and Silver

Beerizing Timber

Palladium in Alcohol Flame

Cachou De Laval

Sand in Iron

New Bronze Satyr

Glauber's Salt and Its use in Wool

On Anthracen Testing

By R. Lucas

Methyl Green on Wool (22 Lbs)

On The Artificial Coloring Matters Derived from Coal Tar

By Adolph Wurtz

The Potash Theory of Scurvy

Wool and Cotton in Yarns

Spontaneous Combustion of Zinc

Action of Water on Glass

Substitute for oil Preparation of Wool

Walnut Peels for Dyeing

Researches on the Radiometer

By Paul Volpicelli

Society of Telegraph Engineers

Recent Radiometer Experiments

Telegraphing Without Wires

The Siphon Telegraph Recorder

The Growth of Plants

By W. B. Hemsley

Volcanic Ocean Distribution


Culture of Grapes

Propagating Grapevines


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