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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

The Speaking Electric Telegraph

Gravitation and Electric Action

By M. A. Picart

New Dry Electric Pile

By Charles Louis Van Tenac

Electric Motor Pendulum

Laboratory Notes

By T. A. Edison

New Method of Separating Nickel and Cobalt

By Anthony Guyard

Electro-Capillary Phenomena

Preparation of Cinnabar

Waterproofing Woollen Materials

Decoloration of Indigo

By M. E. Schaer

Sensitive Flame Apparatus for Ordinary Gas Pressure

Still's Gas Purifier

The Chemistry of Coal

New Test Paper

By M. Pierre Miquel

Sulphurous Acid as a Disinfectant

By Thomas W Keates

Color and Color Changes

By Isidor Walz

Carbon Disulphide for Disinfection

Chemical Society, London

Brayton's Hydrocarbon Engine

New York Central Railroad

Fracture of Railway Tires

A Water Propelled Roasting Jack

High Pressure Boilers

Ice Blasting Experiments

Express Engines-Great Western Railway, London, England

The Bhor Incline

The Ordinary Car Load.

The St. Gotherd Tunnel

Light Weight Freight Cars

The History of The art of Coach-Building

By G. A. Thrupp

Railway Station Roofs

Fireproof Concrete

Black Bricks

New Process for Silvering Glass

By A. Laval

Sulphur Concrete

The Construction and Preservation of Plate-Holders

By W. T. Bowers

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. Maccord

Karl Ernst Von Baer

Movements in the Leaves of Dionaea, and the Phenomena Connected Therewith

Indian Oil Seeds and Oils

Dried Potatoes

Otto of Roses

The Brighton Grape

Apricot Pulp

Improved Aerated Bread

The Cucumber in Russia

Improved Ophthalmoscopic Mirror

Preparation of Thallium

By R. Nietski

Synthesis of Hydrogen Phenyl Sulphate and its Homologues

Boils and Carbuncles—Their Treatment

The Preparation of Sulphide of Iron

Petroleum Benzin in Pharmacy

By L. Wolff

Ammoniacal Salts

Phosphide of Zinc

Aztec Ruins in Arizona

New Discoveries at Pompeii

The Table as an Object of Art

By Stockbauer


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